Atlantic Realty Management Inc, Online Rental Application

Atlantic Realty Management Inc, urge all applicants to carefully read and view the rules, regulations and income qualification guidelines prior to completing the online rental application.



I hereby acknowledge the information submitted on my online rental application is true and correct. I have not unknowingly withheld any fact(s) or circumstances which would, if disclosed affect my application unfavorably. I authorize Atlantic Realty Management Inc, to conduct a consumer report. This report may contain, but would not be limited to credit, criminal, employment and rental history. I authorize Pay Direct Services, Inc to verify any and all information contained in this application. In understanding that my character, general reputation, personal characteristics and mode of living will be verified. I furthermore release and hold harmless all concerned from any liability in connection and with any information received during this investigation. I have also been advised that I have the right under Federal Fair Credit Reporting ACT (FCRA), Section 606 (B) to make written request within reasonable time, for a complete and accurate disclosure of the investigation requested.


The sum of ($_100.00_) is deposited herewith as an apartment holding fee, of which sum(s) _one hundred_ dollars ($_100.00_) shall be a non-refundable application processing fee. I understand that in the event my application is approved, the remaining sum shall be applied towards my security deposit.

I have read this application in its entirety including the rules and regulations thereof I understand that the rules and regulations which are subject to change from time to time are adopted for the benefit of the residents and are necessary for the proper operation of the property. I further agree that the tenancy will be subject to them. I expressly agree that the acceptance of this deposit does not obligate the owner to enter into a lease until the application is approved. I hereby affirm that I have provided the answers to the foregoing questions are truthfully and correctly and that I have not withheld any facts or circumstance which would, if disclosed, affect any application unfavorably as an inducement to enter into a lease, authorize you to verify any and all information contained in this application and I release all concerned from any liability in connection with any they give. I understand that as a part of this investigation, a visit to my present residence may be made. I have also been advised that I have the right under the Fair Credit Reporting Act Section 606 (B) to make a written request, within a reasonable time for a complete and accurate disclosure for the nature and scope of my investigation. I/We hereby agree that if I/We change our minds about renting the above-mentioned property prior to occupying it, the deposit of $100.00 will be forfeited and applied in the following manner: A fee of $25.00 commission for rental will be charged and the balance of the deposit applies to the rent from the date I/We agreed to occupy said premises to the date that it is re-rented and occupied by the next tenant. Landlord agrees that any unused portion of the deposit will be immediately refunded to me/us.


By submitting this application, you are confirming that you income qualify (subject to verification) by earning a minimum of hourly rate working 40 hours per week. Call the property to see if you income qualify.